This interactive four-part webinar program provides graduates with all of the top-notch skills and resources needed to become a world-class “go-to” expert in personality type and adaptive communication. You’ll be positioned to make a tremendous impact in your coaching or group training facilitation. Program graduates are  masterful at teaching the two skills they need to improve their relationships with colleagues, clients, bosses, key stakeholders, direct reports and even family members:

The ability to quickly identify type preferences in others

The ability to adapt communication to any individual, based on their personality type

What People are Saying

"The certification course has been tremendous. The support and materials provided are very beneficial. In fact, it made me a believer of what can be done in a virtual environment. I am taking this experience and applying it to some of the courses I am moving over to virtual training." 

- Jodi Griffin,

"The TypeCoach certification program was terrific. Shauna did a fantastic job. The combination of her deep knowledge in the topics combined with her facilitation approach created the ideal space for the team to learn, think, discuss, learn some more, and gain the confidence to move forward with our big Emotional Intelligence Leadership endeavor. Thank you!"

-Greg Friedman
VP Human Resources
Parexel International

“The experience met and sometimes exceeded expectations. The week-by-week layout, and the progression, felt like the right level of commitment and engagement to be proficient with the tool set. I also thought the experience with live virtual settings, and even the practice applications, were engaging. I would recommend this certification to others."

- Norm Ralph
Co-Founder, Partner

Step 1:

Online Modules

Email us to register, and then you will gain access our online learning platform. You'll also participate in a one-on-one Zoom session with a TypeCoach Master Coach.

Step 2:

Live Webinars

Attend four live webinars. If you have to miss a webinar, you can watch a recording. You will also receive feedback on both a recorded and live practicum.

Step 3:

You're Certified!

You are now able to deliver our signature Influence Program with groups and individuals. You will receive access to our latest slide decks for your training programs.

As the Program Director of TypeCoach Academy, Shauna facilitates all TypeCoach Certification webinars. She has been a personality type enthusiast since 1994, and holds the very high distinction of MBTI® Master Practitioner. Shauna has coached and facilitated group programs with individuals, businesses, educational institutions, healthcare organizations, and not-for-profits from around the world.

Influence Program

Participants in the Core Certification program are invited to attend the TypeCoach Influence Program at no cost. This is a series of three live and interactive webinars. This will give you a great idea of what TypeCoach has to offer you and your team, as it is the course you become certified to facilitate through the Core Certification program. 


Master Certification

We also offer a Master Certification program, if you would like to become certified to facilitate five additional TypeCoach courses. This includes slide decks and resources on the topics of stress, conflict, change, innovation, and motivation. In order to take the Master Certification, you must first complete the Core Certification.


What People are Saying

“The course was excellent. Well-structured and the pace of delivery was just right. Shauna Skinner is an exceptional trainer. The course material, slides, video clips, etc. were also very accessible, easily understood, and helped to reinforce and cement learning. Added to that, the back-up support and customer-care from the TypeCoach Academy were also first-class.” 

- Dom Crotty
CIPD Certified Trainer
Former facilitator of the MBTI® Certification Course
Founder of New Dawn Career Coaching

"I have a 30 year career in the finance industry and over 20 years as a leader and coach. . .  I have taken, and taught, many sessions on the subjects and been exposed to many tools and materials. Type coach is my personal favorite among them all. What I find so effective and compelling about Typecoach is how it masterfully blends the critical areas of a) understanding oneself and b) understanding others and c) how to use that information - quickly and practically - to be more effective. The people I have shared Type Coach with in the past, have all shown progress in their interpersonal effectiveness which translates to improved success, efficiency and satisfaction. Not many tools and resources can do all that - with such a relatively brief investment of time." 

- Christopher Guzikowski
Senior Region Director of Operations
Ameriprise Financial Services

"I decided to get certified in TypeCoach and, even with my decades of experience, I learned an amazing amount of new information and developed or honed many skills. These gains will make taking people through the TypeCoach experience easier and more impactful for my clients. The program also came with a treasure trove of resources as a part of the certification investment. I have never felt so set up for success in any previous program I have taken. Ever. The value far exceeds the investment." 

- Julie Kowalski
Strategist Creative Partnerships, Inc.

ICF Accreditation 

You can earn 23 ICF CCE hours!

14 hours for Core Competencies

9 hours for Resource Development

Core Certification Dates


Jan 2023

Each webinar is from

11:00 am – 1:30 pm

Eastern Time US/Canada

Webinar 1: Jan 26, 2023

Webinar 2: Feb 7, 2023

Webinar 3: Feb 21, 2023

Webinar 4: Mar 7, 2023


Feb 2023

Each webinar is from

11:00 am – 1:30 pm

Eastern Time US/Canada

Webinar 1: Feb 23, 2023

Webinar 2: Mar 9, 2023

Webinar 3: Mar 21, 2023

Webinar 4: April 4, 2023


Mar 2023

Each webinar is from

11:00 am – 1:30 pm

Eastern Time US/Canada

Webinar 1: Mar 23, 2023

Webinar 2: Apr 6, 2023

Webinar 3: Apr 18, 2023

Webinar 4: May 2, 2023

If your preferred series is full, please email [email protected] because we occasionally offer a second series on the same dates when there are enough registrants.


One time investment: $2,600 / €2600 / £2200*

Already MBTI® certified? 
A reduced rate of $2,150 / €2150 / £1800*

Please inquire about rates in your region if your local currency is not shown above.

Contact Academy about our current promotion.

*Please note: While we strive to be as flexible as possible, program cancellations with less than 30 days' notice will incur a $400 fee; 
transfers with less than 14 days' notice will incur a $200 fee. Thank you for your understanding.

Independent Consultant?
Please contact 
[email protected] to learn about a special offer for you.

TypeCoach is driven to help people improve their everyday interactions with their customers, colleagues, and key stakeholders. Over 70,000 leaders and sales professionals from over 700 organizations around the world have attended our live programs over the past 17 years to improve their ability to communicate with a wide range of personality types.


TypeCoach Clients


TypeCoach Account Holders


Years in Business

When might you 
recommend TypeCoach?

When there is an interest to improve:

Communication • Collaboration • Leadership Development • Team Effectiveness • Problem Solving • Change Management • Conflict Resolution  • Motivation and Engagement

TypeCoach for Groups

One of the big benefits of becoming TypeCoach certified is that you’ll gain all of the skills, knowledge and tools to facilitate this world class course that over 75,000 people have experienced globally. This highly practical signature program gets rave reviews from people at all stages of their careers and from sales professionals, leaders, new managers, executives, in-tact teams, and individual contributors alike. 

It teaches two skills:


1. How to quickly identify type preferences in others based on clues in their behavior and speech.


2. How to tailor your feedback, instructions, requests, sales pitch, management style to them given their personality type so that you get their full focus and attention.

The slide deck has embedded videos and presenter notes. There is no cost to facilitate this program once certified, as long as, the individuals attending the program have full platform TypeCoach accounts (access to the four tools). 

Be Our Guest in the TypeCoach Influence Program!

Whether or not you decide the time is right to pursue TypeCoach certification, we are happy to extend a complimentary seat in our signature Influence Course offered in an open registration format over the course of 3 live, interactive webinars.   This is the course that you would be certified to facilitate/lead once you’re TypeCoach Certified.  It is ideal for you to attend at least webinar 1 of the Influence Course prior to webinar 1 of the Certification series.  This will shorten your pre-work and help you get the absolute most out of the certification. 

What People are Saying

"I very much enjoyed the interactive nature of the weekly webinars and the format of the online training. It was helpful (and entertaining) to watch videos of Carly and Rob conducting an actual training presentation. This visual learning platform allowed me to envision myself facilitating a training and prepare accordingly. Shauna was amazing and I LOVED being a part of this program!"

- Crystal Goodiel
Pharmaceutical Sales and Patient Access Leadership

"Everything is good, I liked the materials a lot - they are simple and clear. The report is great as well, with fantastic clear recommendations. All the webinars were highly interactive. Thanks for your professionalism!"

- Alena Golokhvastova

“I am so impressed by this program. Shauna did an outstanding job with the webinars, and really made it feel like a room full of friends. I loved hearing from my peers and communicating ideas. My favorite portion of the material is the type verification. I feel empowered and confident to be able to sit down with anyone to confirm the best fit type preference.“ 

- Sarah Garwood
Command Support Staff

"I have been struck by the thoroughness of this programme. I love the variety of media. I enjoyed the webinars and felt wholly supported... I just think this is really a wonderful opportunity and exemplary standard. I don’t say that lightly."

 - Kemi Oladapo

"I liked everything! This has been an outstanding learning experience. . . I feel that it's all been presented in the most supportive, learner-friendly way." 

- Frank Medlar
Type Integration

“I like very much to identify the preferences and temperaments. . .very useful. Honestly I like everything, the webinars are short but with a lot of information, the facilitator is prepared and is kind. You have a lot of different tools. Thank you very much, it was a lot of knowledge." 

- Carla Varela
Human Development Solutions, Mexico

"I have tremendously enjoyed this program! I really like that TypeCoach focuses on practical application of personality type in and out of the workplace. . . . Shauna is an AMAZING facilitator - she is fluent in type and very organized (everything runs on time and she is very clear in her emails and speech). Most importantly, she is incredibly kind and respectful to everyone (she always has something nice/validating to say about people's contributions) and works very hard to encourage participation by everyone in the group. She is an exceptional listener. 

- Elise Holtzman
The Lawyers Edge

"The TypeCoach certification has been a really great experience – one of the highlights of my year! Shauna has been an ideal coach. She’s full of fun and enthusiasm and made the sessions clear and thought-provoking. I got absolutely tonnes of new thinking out of this programme. I thought the structure was innovative and made really good use of technology. I really enjoyed it!" 

- Louise Baylis
Programmes Learning Consultant
Virgin Media

"I thoroughly enjoyed all aspects the course. I really liked the webinars and interacting with Shauna and the other participants. I thought Shauna did a fantastic job facilitating the webinars and sharing her passion for, and extensive knowledge, of type. I also enjoyed all the readings, materials, and videos as well as recording the 1:1 debrief and the Influence Course sections on the Practice platform. The program is great!" 

- Scott Gingold
Senior Vice President, Enterprise Partner
WJM Associates

"First of all, Shauna is an excellent trainer. I loved her emails and the way they were clear and organized. She was warm and inclusive and a great role model for what I aspire to improve to (and I thought I was a great trainer!). I enjoyed having people from all over the world.”

- Ingrid Goldbloom Bloch
Director of Talent Advancement

"An interactive and engaging programme where the learning really 'sticks'. The online work and live webinars format really worked and Shauna facilitated the course in a very supportive way. I learnt so much and am really looking forward to using TypeCoach to support teams to communicate and work better together. 

- Tamsin Regnes
Independent Consultant

I like the variety of teaching modes given to us and felt it allowed us to learn a lot more, faster than other training/certifications I have done. Excellent program - THANK YOU!”

- Lynn Hankins

New to TypeCoach?

Watch a demo video of the TypeCoach tools.

Request your complimentary online account.

TypeCoach Certification Brochure

What does the Certification Include?

TypeCoach Influence Program 
Graduate Testimonials

Here are a few of our clients sharing the value they’ve experienced after receiving the TypeCoach Influence Program training and tools. 

More than 75,000 people have graduated from the TypeCoach Influence Program and the vast majority report an increase in their influencing skills of more than 30%.

Here are a few of our clients sharing the value they’ve experienced with the TypeCoach training and tools.

“If you are in any position of influence, this is a must do course to give you a handle on how best to quickly evaluate the people you have to work with.  In a relationship game, this is a great skill to acquire.”

Annemarie Munk
Professional Coach

“Extremely Beneficial Course. I have a much better understanding of how to use Type when communicating with my team.”

Grainne Hampton
Managing Director, McColgan's Quality Foods

“You will learn how to better identify characteristics of your own type as well as how to recognize those of others and apply that knowledge in everyday interactions.”

Kevin Van Wagner
Associate Director of Career & Team Development
Wycliffe Bible Translators USA

“TypeCoach is a simple, easy and effective way to understand others, bridge gaps and communicate more effectively.  It allows you to challenge your assumptions and get unstuck in your communications with others on your team.”

Lisa Stornaielo
Founder, Leadershift Solutions

“If you wanting to learn more about how to understand and communicate better with people, this is a great place to start.”

Frank Sreshta
Counselor, Therapy by Frank

“A great way into psychological type and excellent tools to aid communication.”

Jerry Gilpin
Executive Coach and Owner, Perception

“A refreshing and focused look at Type using an interactive style. Well worth attending.”

Tamsin Regnes
Associate Trainer, KSL Training

“Super approachable, practical communications system for interpersonal dynamics, teams and groups that can most certainly impact effectiveness day-to-day.”

Eva Van Krugel
Founder, Leadership and Team Coach, Facilitator
Fervor Leadership Coaching and Consulting

“The VIC [Virtual Influence Course] is an excellent way to introduce or refresh yourself with Type so you can more easily recognize other personalities and improve overall influence & communication skills.”

Matthew Colee
Academic & Career Coordinator
Florida State College at Jacksonville

“Personality DOES influence behavior at work, and TYPE-COACH has constructed a compelling and deep dive into how type interacts with how you show up at work and in life.”

Bruce Griffiths
President and Senior Consultant
Organization Systems International (OSI)

“An interesting angle on type put across by passionate, well-informed people.”

Colin Fenn
Founder and Owner, Your Leadership Footprint Ltd

“One of the best things you can do in working with Personality Type is to learn from the experience of others. This course brings multiple people from different backgrounds together to find out much more about how they are experiencing this and how this been applied in their line of work. With Rob’s and Carly’s guide this has led to great insights and ‘aha’ moments...”

Andres Corrales
Administrator, 3/4 Estudio


“What I particularly like is the fact that TypeCoach focuses on the practical use, application and interpretation of Type (for both coach and end-user) in one-to-one or one-to-group settings whereas other, competing Type alternatives, put more and less appropriate focus on the assessment process rather than application.”

Dom Crotty
Leadership and Career Coach,
Business Skills consultant


“I would recommend this wholeheartedly to any professionals or coaches. Even if you are already experienced in the use of MBTI, you will learn more and the tools are fantastic.”

Aileen Fraser

What People are Saying

“I have really enjoyed the course and found the sessions and schedule worked well and fit in with my work schedule. It was great to hear from peers from various countries. Shauna was a great facilitator.” 

- Louise Temple
Head of Human Resources
The Nelson Trust

"I have been certified to facilitate DiSC and Tilt 365. However, what I found that was useful with TypeCoach are the videos that allow us to implement the learning right away in tangible ways. Communication is at the heart of leadership and it is great to see a tool really impact that in practical ways!" 

- Sheeba Varghese
Leadership Trainer & Executive Coach
Coach Sheeba

“My favourite part was Temperaments. I love the materials." 

- Rebeca Valencia
Human Resources
Human Development Solutions, Mexico

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